The Beautiful Struggle Uniting Us All’


Scott Hughes
Scott Hughes

When it comes to love, it is a day-old concept that is used again and again in books, movies, music, to all other kinds of mediums. It can be difficult to find new words that’ll offer a fresh perspective that has never been tapped into before. Scott Hughes breaks through this assumption with his recent book release ‘In It Together: The Beautiful Struggle Uniting Us All’. The story tells us of the true unveiling power of love and how it can set us free from all the struggles we’ve endured before.

Scott Hughes

Taking inspiring quotations from coveted celebrities, artists, and philosophers, we can use these tried-and-true sayings to apply to our lives and use them for the better. From the words of Socrates, and Shakespeare to Carl Jung, Hughes hopes to share the thoughts of generations before us to learn the lessons they’ve gone through to build a generation that is much kinder and connected with their community.

Hughes has been nothing short of an inspiration. In 2006, he saw a lack of connection in the reading community and decided to be the middleman by creating OnlineBookClub in the hopes to link up readers and fans. On top of his dedication to the literature world, he has taken matters into his own hands by creating his own series of books including, ‘Justice’, ‘Achieve Your Dreams’ and now ‘In It Together’. His recent release has been his first work that’s been written under his pen name Eckhart Aurelius Hughes.

The books answer all the unanswered questions you’ve ever thought about love, life, and literature, leaving you much more enlightened than before you read the first page. From chapter to chapter, it journeys across an array of different themes and topics to keep you on your toes. If you’re curious about matters of spirituality, you’ll find yourself falling in love with ‘In It Together: The Beautiful Struggle Uniting Us All’.

Scott Hughes

In short, Hughes has been able to take the overused theme of love to ultimately turn it on its own head to help make your own decisions and apply it to your own life.

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