Science Friday: Utah Dino Bones

Science Friday: Utah Dino Bones, Salt Lake Migrations, Tree Canopies – Part 1 Review 2021


Science Friday: Utah Dino Bones

Science Friday: Utah Dino Bones, Salt Lake Migrations, Tree Canopies – Part 1 Review 2021…

If you stood in southeastern Utah over 200 million years ago. You’d be overlooking the ocean. And it was home to some of the earliest dinosaurs. In this region of Utah.  Their bones tell the stories about the dawn of dinosaurs in prehistoric Utah and a much warmer Earth. In the northern reaches of Utah’s Great Salt Lake sits Gunnison Island. A narrow strip of land just a mile long and half a mile wide.

Biologist Jaimi Butler of Westminster College Great Salt Lake Institute calls the birds the polar bears of Great Salt Lake. Butler and her team have installed cameras on the island. Forest ecologist Nalini Nadkarni pioneered the exploration of tree canopies The new frontiers of the forest. Using hot air balloons rock climbing gear and cranes.

There are high in the trees. She found soil coating the branches much like the soil on the forest floor And unique adaptations like the water-gathering abilities of spiky bromeliads. This segment was recorded live at the Eccles Theater in Salt Lake City. Nadkarni takes Ira on a tour of the forest canopy talks about how fashion can be a tool for science communication and describes her work communicating science to underserved populations like inmates in prisons around the nation from minimum security to Supermax.

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