PC building mistakes

Save money and avoid these PC building mistakes Review 2021


PC building mistakes

Save money and avoid these PC building mistakes

00:38 Buying an OC CPU with a non-OC Mobo
3:42 Using only one stick of RAM
5:57 Buying fast ram not supported by mobo
7:28 Using a generic PSU
9:27 Not buying an SSD
11:19 BONUS MISTAKE RGB does not equal performance

Update (Added 6/12/20): Wow so this video became a tad popular. Thank you to everyone who left some kind words that they found useful or informative. It really means a lot to me. Salamat sa mga nag like comment, subscribe 🥰 Wish I could reply to everyone but between answering YT, answering FB messages, answering emails, I barely have time to run the shop 😓

For those who left some not-so-kind words – thank you also for keeping me on my toes and pointing out my mistakes. Definitely, I made a mistake saying that for AMD you need to get an “X” CPU if you want to OC.

I will take exception though with the insinuation that I tried to hide the mistake. Even before this video became popular (it spent around 2 weeks with minimal views before YT decided to start featuring it) Belben pointed out the AMD error and I pinned the comment and responded to it. If you think this was not enough, “palusot lang” or some such other sentiment – you are free to think that and watch someone else 😁

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Hardware Sugar

At Hardware Sugar we try to be a different kind of shop. We post regularly on FB about different builds or stories from our customers. Most shops use their online presence to sell things. I think we are the only shop that uses FB to do the reverse – we tell you what happens when you buy something from us and it breaks

We’ve seen a lot of builds over the years and there are common mistakes or errors that a lot of computer shops make when building a PC. Often the customer doesn’t know enough to catch the mistake or to tell the shop not to do it like that.

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