Advantages of Using Altium Designer in Advanced PCB Design


Advantages of Using Altium Designer in Advanced PCB Design

Nowadays, most electronic products are not only compact, but they are also powered by lightweight and portable batteries. They do not consume much power and require lower signal voltages. For electronic engineers and PCB companies, excellent PCB design software is essential. It can help them create the best circuits.

Various PCB design software available in the market can help PCB designers and PCB manufacturers. This software can help create high-quality PCBs. However, it is important to choose software according to your needs. Moreover, you can select one that is widely used in the PCB design industry.

Thus, here we will give you an overview of the best PCB design software applications. Moreover, we will discuss the Altium designer in detail. So, stick around with us and read this article till the end.

Best PCB Design Software Applications

Best PCB Design Software Applications

As the circuits are getting complex and layout requirements are getting diversified, it is needed to find the best circuit design software. There are various PCB design softwares that PCB designers can use to design 3D circuit boards, advanced schematic capture, and develop PCB layouts. Some examples of PCB Design software applications are here:

  • TinyCAD
  • ZenitPCB
  • EagleCAD
  • PCBWeb Designer

Remember, all these applications have some unique advantages and disadvantages. One of the best PCB design software is Altium Designer. It is better than the applications mentioned above in many ways. It can help to create high-quality PCBs.

What Is the Altium Designer?

It is an automation software package developed by Australian Firm Altium Ltd. It is a comprehensive Printed Circuit Board and electronic design tool that can help to design, manufacture, and simulate electronic products. It provides access to all design tools in one spot therefore engineers and PCB designers can save time.

Moreover, the team can finish the whole design process in a simple environment so they can deliver products quickly. Due to these reasons, Altium is the best PCB design software available in the market.

Advantages of Using Altium Designers

Altium is the newest PCB design software in the market. It is a context-driven and cloud-based platform. Its adoption rate among professionals is increasing at a rapid pace.

More importantly, PCB companies can use lots of features and options at a low cost. As mentioned earlier, Altium is better than other software in many ways. So, let’s find out the advantages of using Altium Designers.

  • Fast result
  • Highly efficient
  • Compact design
  • Easy access to users
  • User-friendly platform
  • High-quality PCB design
  • Super easy error checking mechanism
  • It can easily convert files from other platforms
  • It can store data of every element in a central point

Altium can help engineers design footprints according to their needs. Moreover, it is easy to import changes to the schematic. As an instance, when PCB designers make changes in the PCB design layout but these changes are not on the schematic, they can still export them to the schematic.

It can help you customize design rules such as clearance, pad sizes, and track width. As a result, PCB manufacturers can have a perfect PCB design. Moreover, the auto-routing option of Altium makes it stand out from others. All you need to do is to adjust the routing rules according to requirements, and Altium will do the rest of the task.

It has a very powerful library and project management features. The PCB layout editor of Altium is smart and can be easily customized to provide the clearest image of the user’s desired section of the design.

Another best thing about Altium designer is the 3D PCB view because it can be used to check the basic fit for housing and enclosures. Finally, you can create a custom design template so whenever you start a new design in the board area, it will help you save time and mistakes because the keep-outs and other restrictions are already uploaded.

Reasons Why Altium Is the Best PCB Design Software

10 Reasons Why Altium Is the Best PCB Design Software

We have discussed the advantages of using Altium designer for PCB designs. If you are still unsure why it is the best PCB design software for engineers and PCB manufacturers, then read the following reasons.

  1. User friendly
  2. Robust design
  3. It is compatible
  4. Sync with MCAD
  5. Can create various PCBs
  6. Giving attention to micro details
  7. Integrated with other design platforms
  8. 3D visualization helps users inspect and correct errors
  9. It will enable designers to use all design resources in one place
  10. Allows users to develop a single and consistent model by combining multiple projects


So, now you are familiar with some PCB design software applications. Moreover, you understand how Altium is a better choice than others. But still, you need the help of a professional PCB design company. For this, you can contact Arshon Technology.

We can help you design any product with high-level software. We are experienced in producing electronic circuits. Finally, you can contact Arshon technology for high-quality hardware parts. In simple words, we can say that Arshon is a perfect solution for all your PCB design problems.

Author: Anna Mohammadlou IoT Hardware Designer at Arshon Technology Inc.


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