5 Best Solar Panels in Raleigh, NC

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Best Solar Panels in Raleigh

Below is a list of the top and leading Solar Panels in Raleigh. To help you find the best Solar Panels located near you in Raleigh, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Raleigh’s Best Solar Panels:

The top rated Solar Panels in Raleigh, NC are:

  • NC Solar Now – provides high-quality, low-cost renewable energy solutions
  • Emerald Energy – always strives to offer the best service
  • Eco Wright Remodeling – pride themselves on integrity
  • Southern Energy Management – helps you save money and energy
  • PE Solar – has offices and call centers countrywide

NC Solar NowSolar Panels in Raleigh

NC Solar Now embraced the philosophy that solar is for everyone in 2010. They have been living the dream ever since. North Carolina has since jumped into second place in the nation behind California in terms of solar power capability. NC Solar Now is proud to say that they have installed more solar power systems than other companies. Their goal is to help make the globe a better place for future generations.

NC Solar Now is dedicated to doing so by making a safer, cleaner, and more sustainable energy environment. So that NC Solar Now provides high-quality, low-cost renewable energy solutions and solar installations for businesses and residences throughout North Carolina. They look forward to working with you on this mission.


Residential, Commercial Solar


Address: 2509 Atlantic Ave, Raleigh, NC 27604
Phone: (919) 833-9096
Website: www.ncsolarnow.com


“I liked the clarity of the original estimate and the fact that NC Solar Now is nearby. Everything went smoothly and the panels were installed within a few weeks. All the staff were and are friendly and informative. The company followed up on early issues. I was also pleased that part of their proceeds goes to help with autism.” – Miriam M.

Emerald EnergyTop Solar Panels in Raleigh

Emerald Energy always strives to offer the best service, with a focus to help their clients obtain energy security and independence in order to give them more choices down the road. They always consider environmental impact, solar sustainability, and the long-term viability of the products they offer. Locally run and operated, and established in 2009, Emerald Energy is one of the only fully licensed general contractors in North Carolina that offers in-house solar system design and installation. Educating their clients on their renewable energy system and total satisfaction is their main focus and goal.

They work with every customer on different financing options that enable their solar investment to make sense. They have more than 50 years of expertise in local North Carolina construction and home energy efficiency products, which allows them to provide the best solutions for their customers. Emerald Energy has combined thirty years of solar and battery storage installation experience.


Residential Solar, Commercial Solar, Solar Monitoring, Battery Storage, EV Charger, Solar Attic Fans, Solar Maintenance


Address: 3201 Wellington Ct Suite, 103, Raleigh, NC 27615
Phone: (919) 247-3670
Website: www.emeraldenergync.com


“Emerald Energy installed a 2 Tesla Powerwall battery backup system to go with our 5 KW solar array. Their price was competitive and they really dug in to make sure that they had everything covered. Installation was well handled and easy on us. Justin was great to work with through the whole process. Highly recommended.” – Jim S.

Eco Wright RemodelingSolar Panels Raleigh

Eco Wright Remodeling, with more than 15 years of experience know with the changing times it is even more important that their homeowners feel confident they’re investing wisely. By providing a free assessment of your home not only can they educate you on how to reduce your overall utility consumption, but they can also provide the products and services that guarantee a sound investment. Its number one goal is to provide the means necessary to be self-sufficient and not trust fossil fuels or utility providers. With a broad variety of products and services.

Eco Wright remodeling can drastically reduce or even eliminate an ever-increasing utility bill. At Eco Wright, they pride themselves on integrity. Their promise is to never over-charge a client and to do exactly what they say. Eco Wright Remodeling stands behind the work they put forward and will responsibly oversee and make sure your home is exactly your vision.


Solar Power, Roofing, Commercials, Heating & Air Conditioning, Tankless Water Heater, More


Address: 309 E Cabarrus St, Raleigh, NC 27601
Phone: (919) 740-9082
Website: www.ecowrightremodeling.com


“Brandon Gorman and his entire team did a wonderful job on the solar panel installation on my home. Brandon explained the process clearly and kept me up to date at every step of the job. The professional team completed the installation and facilitated the inspections on schedule and without a hitch. I couldn’t be happier!” – Wade F.

Southern Energy ManagementGood Solar Panels in Raleigh

Southern Energy Management helps you save money and energy so you can escape from the utility and build your own clean and effective energy future. Southern Energy Management is the Southeast’s rooftop solar and building performance specialist. They’re a team of more than 130 solar professionals, building scientists, and entrepreneurs committed to improving the way the world makes and uses energy. Southern Energy Management is passionate about continuously innovating and leading the energy market while maintaining its core values. Its experts create a tailored solar energy plan that takes advantage of tax and utility incentives to maximize your savings.


Residential Solar, Commercial Solar, Builder Energy Services, Multifamily & Commercial Energy Services


Address: 5908 Triangle Dr, Raleigh, NC 27617
Phone: (919) 367-1381
Website: www.southern-energy.com


“We got quotes from three solar installers and SEM clearly had the most expertise. Their approach was less sales-focused and more focused on the technology and designing a system to meet our needs. Every step along the way, someone was available to answer questions and explain the next steps. Highly recommended!” – Michael L.

PE SolarOne of the best Solar Panels in Raleigh

PE Solar is one of the largest residential solar companies in the country. Its mission is simple, to help save the environment, and it starts with helping homeowners transition over to clean renewable energy. From coast to coast, each of their team members is committed to eliminating utility companies’ carbon footprint. They open its doors in 2010 and haven’t stopped growing since then. During past years, the company has branched out into Florida, Nevada, and North Carolina.

They have offices and call centers countrywide, and their headquarters is stationed in downtown Tempe. PE Solar’s amazing employees and solar professionals have taken a small “mom and pop” company and turned it into a leader in the solar industry.


Solar Panels, Energy Upgrades, Solar Batteries, Services


Address: 1201 Edwards Mill Rd #370, Raleigh, NC 27607
Phone: (855) 737-6527
Website: www.pesolar.com


“We have been very pleased with our experience with PE Solar. The project manager has been in touch with us through every step of the process and the installation team was personable and professional. There is a real personal touch with this company that we have found lacking in so many other companies we’ve dealt with for home projects from the sales rep through every step of the process.” – Anne K.

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